Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Special Kind of Busy

The kind of busy that makes your husband eat dinner alone... late, and he's starving because I forgot to call... and alone. I'ma BAD caller. Very very bad... I just don't hink about it. But I know if he did that to me I'd be pissed - of course I'd call him to find out where he was, not just sit and wait for him to call me...

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Special Kind of Sunday

So...this might be a little long... you see the Superbowl is on... and I'm a little drunk... but tomorrow I'm going to get a promotion that will make me the boss of everyone I've worked with up to this point ... including a 50 something year old woman who's been at the company for 25+ years... she trained me me, so yeah, I think I'm obligated to get drunk... because tomorrow I know will not be pretty... I think the Colts will win even though I would much prefer the Bears.. we (M and I ) have a freind who is from Chicago and even though M is from Wisonsin, the home of the Packers, who are sworn enemied of the Bears, I would stll prefer them to win over the Colts. But, like I said I don't think that will happen. I'm out of cigarettes. Which sucks, becaus, without my knowledge, my brother quit (he's over at my house now) and with tommorow, I believe I'm entitled to smoke as much as I want. Especially since I could get pregnant any day... (Not a good example of impending motherhood, I know...) So my stomach's in knots... I was offered a marketing position (which I truely wanted, but the owner's daughter is also a marketing person and I was told I should just take the supervisory position just to save the trouble of everyone higher up (and she's pregnant and was going to quit the job she has now after she had the kid, but just found out she could have the marketing job - WTF.. way to leave our department without telling anyone - seriously - we could have gotten someone new in and trained them, but she would have just left us...) Anyway.. I should go... I'm being yelled at to come downstairs... good luck for tommorow...

Friday, February 2, 2007

Groundhog Day!

Spring's coming early! I, for one would almost prefer more winter, because here in Houston, its rarely cold. In my household we celebrate Groundhog Day by setting our shoes out and waking up to them filled with treats a presents the Great Groundhog has brought! A great way to start off the day, I must say.