Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm still here...

So maybe I'll just write something when I want to change the background of my blog. Check back in... um... let's say 4-5 months? So the babies turned 10 moths yesterday. And are adorable (duh). I was reading over the last post I wrote and wanted to give updates on things that are so old I don't even think about them anymore.

Breastfeeding/pumping: I'm not doing it anymore! I weaned. It kinda sucked, but man is it great to not have to do that anymore.

Bad Habits: (like the swaddling) We don't go to sleep with a pacifier anymore. They only get it when we're out and about. That was hard, but I think it's better that it happened already rather than have a horrible drawn out process.

Travel: We went camping and froze our asses off. We didn't get any sleep the second night because a cold front came through which kept the babies up. We had the babies on our air mattress with us and I didn't sleep at. all. But otherwise it was fun. (And let me just say, a portable noise machine was awesome; babies napped!) We also went to Colorado to the cabin. Which is more like a cabin than I thought. Like, two miles up the mountain on a single dirt road, go buy water to fill up the water tank, it takes 30 minutes to get to anywhere, cabin. So that was an adventure. The first night I was swearing to never do this again, but by the second night, it was better. We had fun, but it was a lot of work traveling to the middle of nowhere with babies.

Decorating: H's room is done. It took a lot longer than I'd like to admit, but its finished. I still haven't done anything more than put of stickers in Z's room. They're very cute stickers, but still... they're stickers.

This is the decal set I got; it's pretty freaking cute, IMO. I also got some flowers from another set. I set it up and pulled a couple out to make artwork for the other walls and stuck flowers over door frames and light switches and at other various points around the room. The Z in the second picture is from her names spelled out over her bed. I realized I don't have her room photographed like H's.. oops.

(Please pardon the mess in the background thankyouverymuch.)

Other than that... a lot's been happening. They both crawl around like crazy. H pulls himself into a stand and is super close to standing on his own. Z doesn't have the strength for that yet, thanks to the princess-like attitude of; I prefer to sit, why do you want me to stick my legs out? But she sees H doing things she can't and so she's trying.

H is in a helmet. It was determined by measurements that is head was misshapen enough to have insurance cover it. Yay! I felt quite superior about that as most doctors seemed to pooh-pooh it by looking at it alone. But you can't argue with cold hard numbers that prove it is as bad as I thought ha ha! (And then I feel kinda weird, like yay? My son's head is that screwed up? Mother of the Year right here.)

M and I are about to go on our very first adults-only baby free trip. To Las Vegas! We'll only be gone two nights, but the worry started as soon as I bought those plane tickets. Gma is coming into town to stay with the babies and my mom will be over when she gets out of school (she's a teacher), so things should be fine. But, still. The control freak in me is making itself known.

And I can't forget: Holidays. Thanksgiving left us fat. Babies gagged and threw up the ground fresh turkey I pulled off the bird that day. (Everyone else thought it was good.) I co-hosted at our house with M's mom (who was injured thanks to her husband running her leg over. No, seriously. There's a story there, but it's long; needless to say, it was an accident and she's
recovering/ed nicely after two surgeries and many pins and screws in her leg.)

Xmas was great as well. We stayed in town for my family and then went to SA for M's side. Babies had fun pulling paper off of boxes and out of bags. I think. They really didn't do much except look bewildered when were excited that they pulled a strip of paper off a present. It was a good holiday though. It looked like Fisher Price threw up all over our living room. The
y could have filmed a commercial. (And as an aside, is it only me who feels weird opening baby gifts? It's like ooohh... thanks... they'll love this... (I think) and thank you for buying my baby stuff. Does anyone else get this? Because its not yours, for you, yet you're the one opening it.)

And the sibling rivalry begins.