Friday, January 29, 2010

Because I Really Want This

I am writing a totally advertisement-al post on the ErgoBaby baby carrier. I have yet to use one, or even see one in real life, and thanks to having two babies coming, will not really be able to afford one on my own... but all the reviews I've read talk about how wonderful it is. Really, really wonderful. And since I would LOVE to carry a baby or two on me and or M, I would really love a comfortable carrier.

AND hopefully I'll win one from this giveaway! Wish me luck!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Because I'm a List Maker

I thought I'd enlighten everyone with my list of questions for the prospective pediatrician of the babies.

- How many appts. in the first year
- How do we make sick baby appts.
- Is someone on call nights/weekends? Is there a fee for calling?
- Immunization schedule
- Does hospital call her to come see baby?
- Average wait time in waiting room
- Practice if babies are premature?
- Separate sick/well waiting areas?
- I plan to breastfeed; is there a LC available with the practice? Someone you recommend?
- SOP for developmental checkups – are there tests you run?
- Will we see you (the doctor) or Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs); what type of appt would we see which?
- Affiliated with which hospital?
- What symptoms warrant a phone call or appointment?
- Average length of appointment times – will mine be longer if charged/booked for twins? Squeezed into one appointment time? Will they book back to back appts?
- How much time blocked out during the day for 'sick' kids?

I also have a crotch-care list (or links to lists that I've researched) just in case. But I'll post that later.

Update on babies and me!

How far along? 29w5d
Total weight gain/loss: Ignorance is bliss... but people tell me that I'm all belly and my doctor is happy with my weight, so...
Maternity clothes? All the time. Except some yoga pants that I can fold down.
Stretch marks? I am genetically disadvantaged... I discovered some two weeks ago that have only gotten bigger and invited friends to come.
Sleep: I sleep a lot... and get up a lot at night to pee and pop Tums. Joy.
Best moment this week: We had the 4D ultrasound today! It was super exciting to see their faces.
Movement: Everyday! I feel rolls and limbs and body parts pushing out.
Food cravings: I like beef. And ice cream. And just about everything.
Gender: One of each!
Labor Signs: None that I know of, thank god. And it can stay that way thankyouverymuch.
What I miss: Um... getting up without grunting and it taking 5 freaking minutes... not waking up to roll over...
What I am looking forward to: My baby shower on Feb 6
Milestones: 30 weeks Wednesday! Wahoo!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm an Aunt!

My little sister had her baby boy yesterday. I'm very happy that I got to go and see her and meet him, even if just for a little bit. And I'm so happy for her, although now slightly more freaked out about labor. She was in a lot of pain (they turned down/off her epidural while pushing and the post birth contractions were painful) and exhausted after a pretty hard delivery. She didn't labor for a super long time (13 ish hours), but pushed for well over an hour and was probably very close to a c-section. Her baby was born at 7 pounds 10 ounces at (approx) 5:46pm on January 17, 2010. He is beautiful, but so far doesn't really look like either my sister or her husband - at least to me.

We left our house at about 2:20, picked up my grandmother and drove up to Huntsville, about an hour and a half drive. We got there around four o'clock and waited for him to arrive. The drive up was fine - it was just long enough before I started getting uncomfortable. The drive back was better because I stretched out in the back seat. Seeing the baby was an eye opener. I mean, I've seen babies and newborns, but it really hit home for me what we're getting and how tiny they are. I am freaked out and totally emotional just thinking about it. Freaked out because he was so tiny (and at a normal birth weight) and fragile. And to think that M and I will soon (god-willing) have two, that could smaller than he is... it just is so hard to think about, and I'm worried about having TWO babies who are even smaller than that. I just want healthy babies.

I guess I just had always assumed that when my sister and I had babies, they would be big. We're all tall, my sister and I are married to guys 6' and taller and I was the smallest baby in my family at over 9 pounds, my brother was 11 something and my sister, the largest, at over 11 pounds as well. And its not that I thought I would have or wanted babies that large, but seeing him yesterday was just a real eye opener about how small my babies might be. And I know there isn't really anything I can do about it... I'm eating what I can, the babies are measuring on track and are slightly ahead with weight, but... man. Seeing her with him, just being fascinated by this little creature who was literally minutes old... and literally just inside of her, moving around... It just really makes being pregnant and feeling movement so much more special, knowing what is to come. And it makes it so much more real.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Doctor appointment on Wednesday. I found stretch marks last week. Babies are having a growth spurt (hopefully) because my back and stomach muscles are killing me. Sleep is iffy, but I'm tired all the time. Sinuses are all over the place (and by that I mean clogged up and full of crap that makes it so hard to breathe, especially at night). (Also, damn weather changing.) I think I'm getting a urinary tract infection. I'm heartbroken about all the losses this past week on the.bump and also totally freaked out about me and the babies (the movement, then lack of movement and one moving more than the other and what it all could mean. Is there a problem with one of them? How do I know if something's wrong? Aaaaagh; I'm driving myself crazy).

And that's about it. How's that for a super shitty update? I really don't have much else to add, except I don't feel like doing a thing and yawn.

Monday, January 4, 2010

26w Growth Scan

So this happened LAST week, on 12/30, but I realized last night I never updated about it, so here goes.

Everything looked good! Both babies are head down (which caused me some nervousness - I hope they don't get any ideas anytime soon). They are measuring right on track and are 2 lbs and 2 lbs 2 oz. My cervix measured at 3.5" (which is a little shorter - I have been consistently at 4" so hopefully that doesn't change anymore). We got a clear shot of boy bits, which helped ease our mind a lot. And... I guess that's about it! So far so good! I'm still gaining weight and wish I would slow it down (something I do need to work on) but am still within the limits my doctor set for me, seeing as how I had a few pounds to lose pre-pregnancy. I had the glucose tolerance test, and won't find anything out for a little while. And we are pre-registered at the hospital. All I need to do now is sign us up to take classes.

The symptoms of pregnancy... my poop issue has gotten better with daily stool softeners. So that's really nice. The heartburn however, has gone crazy. I am popping Tums after almost everything I eat. Who knew that cereal (as in MILK and FLAKES) could give me heartburn? Milk, last time I checked, is a counter agent to acid, as a base, right? So it would make sense that have searing pain up my chest after eating it? No. I'm also feeling like I'm fighting off something yucky as the phlegm and congestion and drainage is getting worse. I think it's all the weather changes we're getting down here. Warmish, then cold and back and forth. My sinuses are dying. But I'm not taking anything, which could be stupid, but I really prefer to keep the babies med free while they're in me as much as possible. And man, have I been gassy lately.

My little sister is due in a few weeks and is miserable. She has had back problems since a young age that pregnancy is really messing with. My nephew is due on the 23rd, but I selfishly want him to come a little earlier so I can go and see him. When at the doctor, he told me that if she delivers within the next two weeks, I could go (about an hour and a half away - but I'd be at a hospital!) and to check with my regular doctor (my doc was in surgery, so we got to see another doctor in the practice) at my next appointment on the 13th (I'll be 28 weeks) if she doesn't.

So I'm definitely gearing up to the finish with increasing doctor visits (and the start of the third trimester!), although it seems very, very far away. I have also started researching hospital bag necessities from various Internet sources and have compiled a very comprehensive list, in my opinion. However, this list would require several bags to the hospital, so I'm going to have to edit. I'll post the list at the end, in case anyone cares to see it.

Other baby stuff - the bedding has finally been figured out. My mom and grandmother are making quilts and decor for the nursery and after numerous trips to the fabric store and many hours, we finally got fabric. It's my fault because I'm so picky. I don't like pink. I don't like flower-y things. I picked out bedding that I thought would be very easy to simulate - cream, tan and chocolate, which turned out to be near impossible. So, now the quilts have a plummish purple and a teal blue amongst all the cream and brown and I think it will be very pretty. I'm very happy with it and even happier I put everyone out of their misery with this project. (Well, except the people who have to sew the stuff together, but that's fun for them.) We also have a crib set up. It's a loaner crib from friends of ours, which I'm slightly nervous about. I haven't received the recalled parts yet and would really like to have those soon. The other crib is coming from my MIL, so who knows when we'll actually get it. The nesting instinct hasn't really set in yet, so I'm not all freaked about how unfinished the nursery is. We still need to get stuff over from the storage facility, something I need to set up soon.

My Hospital Bag List (which I will edit down):
- Chap-stick for me and M
- Socks/ Slippers
- Bathrobe
- Hair clips and rubber bands
- Travel size toiletries
o Shampoo/conditioner
o Hairspray
o Hairbrush
o Face/body soap
o Deodorant
o Toothbrush/paste
o Lotion
o Makeup
o Contact lens/solution/glasses
- Nursing pillow/Boppy
- Nipple cream/pads
- Camera, video camera
- Cell phone
- IPod with speakers
- Chargers/batteries for electronics
- Mat clothes for trip home
- Nursing bra /tanks
- Towels
- My pillow (with protector) and colorful pillowcase
- Sleep Mask
- Pen/paper
- Toilet paper
- Baby books
- Stool Softeners
- Depends/Poise underwear
- Super Duper Ultra Absorbency LONG pads (not Always)
- Hard candy

- Blanket/pillow
- Mints
- Change of clothes and toiletries

- Going home outfits
- Receiving blankets
- Hats
- Diapers/wipes
- Pacifiers
- Car seats
- Additional baby outfits
- Socks
- Jackets if necessary

- Birth certificate paperwork