Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Non-Moving Trip...or Two!

So... I want to do a three day weekend thing in Vegas with friends and the hubby and go to Mexico or something for maybe a four day weekend with JUST him... I told him on our honeymoon that he needed to take me somewhere warm and tropical... We honeymooned in Moscow in the winter and then on our first anniversary was up in Wisconsin... also in the winter. I want warm!! I also figure this would be a good way to divert my attention and focus off of the house thing and onto something else fun. But, where in Mexico should we go? We want to lay on the beach (like big white whales) and go looking at and hiking through ruins and stuff. And we don't want to spend a whole lot... Whee!

A Special Kind of President

Bush SUCKS... that pretty much sums it up. I don't understand how people can support this man.

A Special Kind of Weirdness

I've known and accepted my own special weirdnesses for a while now. And, for the most part, I'm ok with them. But I do think its weird that I feel like I'm waiting for my life to start. I've alsways felt that way - and I know its weird. When I was little I would secretly wish that I was already 30, married, living in my own house, maybe with a kid... or maybe on my own in a different place with a great career... but I've always kinda felt like I was waiting on something.. and I know its weird. Because, really, the major big things that people expereince early in life I've done - most people are born, start school, graduate, go to college, graduate from college, meet someone, go on great vacations, get married, start a family, maybe move into a different job, if you stay married great, if not then you start over but basically you work towards the weekend and eventually retirement and then you wait to die... god, does THAT sound depressing... lol. But if you can get my drift? So far I'm still young... I've not yet had a kid or a great job or anything past that, but a lot of major milestones have been passed. So what am I waiting for? A great job, new house and a kid? Maybe once those things happen I won't have this weird feeling of waiting anymore??? I don't feel like I'm not a part of life or that I let my life pass me by, so what's with the feeling? I guess I also wonder what this says about me that I feel like this... that I've always felt like this... weird, huh?

House Blues

I want to move. M and I live in his/our (I'm supposed to say "our" even though it really is his... ) townhouse and we've decided to get a bigger HOUSE. A place with a yard and stuff. A bigger place. A place were I feel we can stay and settle... Anyway, so we've been kinda going the motions of getting our house on the market - we have a realtor (M's sister) and we've decided on where we want to move - the area and such, so really we just need to touch up paint and do minor stuff to get our house ready to be shown... So A (M's sister) comes over last night to go over paperwork and to have M sign things saying we're ok to go. And we start talking about prices... what to list it for... what we think we can get and what we need to get to move. And A starts telling us about the other townhouses for sale in out area and what they're selling for... and that the market is down in our area and that we'd have to list for much lower than what we want to sell it for. So we have to wait. And that sucks. So maybe we'll take a trip. I guess that doesn't suck as bad.

A Special Kind of Cookie Failure

So the other night I decided to make cookies! Because M and I have just decided to completely and totally ignore any pretense of a New Year's unspoken resolution to lose weight (cuz you know if you say it, it will NEVER happen. Apparently not saying got the same results) So I got out a new cookbook and tried their recipe for chocolate chip cookies instead of the recipe that is included on the back of bag of chocolate chips... it called for shortening. This is something I kept from my husband knowing he would be totally against using it, butI wanted to try it. So I used the shortening. I'm not sure if shortening goes bad or not, because this stuff was several years old... something else I will not tell my husband if I can help it. So I made the first batch and they tasted like CRAP. Seriously... crap. M took a bite of one and promptly spit it into the sink. I tried it and could barely manage to swallow it - it looked really good but wasn't sweet at all... so I threw two cookie sheets' worth - which was really painful because once you go through the trouble of making cookies, you don't want to just throw away a lot of them. I then added an entire stick of butter and several scoops of sugar and baked another sheet's worth - sucess! I then realized that its entirely possible that I forgot to add half the sugar I was supposed to and that that most likely contributed to the awful taste.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Well... here we go I suppose... I guess we'll see if I actually keep up with this kind of thing - I could never keep a journal or diary when I was little so there is little chance this thing will make it past the novelty of having a blog and the first few posts.