Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am so very stupid

I took Sudafed and Claritin this morning. My allergies are really bad from all the water damage in the house and I couldn't sleep and my eye was hurting SO bad. Well, I feel better now, but am kicking my own ass. I called the RE AFTER taking the meds to find out that no, I am not supposed to take any of those meds while taking Gonal because the medicine in decongestants interfere with the Gonal. So that basically means I flushed $$ down the toilet. That basically means I could have totally ruined this cycle. And now, I am concerned that the Sudafed I took right before finding out I was pregnant could have caused the miscarriage. I took a test and it was negative before I took the meds, but who knows?

I'm upset because I just feel so stupid. Even Marc knew better than this. I am intelligence personified.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Where to Start?

So it's been a month since I've last blogged. Wow. So much has happened. I got laid off August 27. Yeah. I had a feeling about it, but was hoping I'd survive. Nope. Unfortunately not.

The good thing is that it now gives me the opportunity to try something else. More specifically, teaching. I'm going to get an alternative teaching certification so I can become a kindergarten teacher. I figure that the scheduling and vacation teachers get are perfect for raising a baby. I thought about it and realized that as much as I loved aspects of my job, I wasn't willing to give up hours of time with our child and having the same schedule they/he/she/it would would allow me to be home when they get home and be more involved with their life. If I hate it, I have something else to fall back on, so it's pretty cool. I wouldn't make a ton of money but I'd have great hours.

The contract on the house is up, so the house is no longer on the market. And me not having a job means that its going to stay that way. Which sucks. But I figure we can sit on it for another year or so. :( I'm working on getting a job as a teacher's aide while getting certified, but that pays less than half of what I used to make. At least it would be SOMETHING until I got a teaching job, but.... no house, yard, etc really sucks. I really wanted to settle into a house. Be able to paint and decorate a baby's room, knowing that we'd be staying and not have to worry about having to sell the house.

Also, Ike. Yes, I live in Houston and got to experience all the joys that a hurricane brings. Downed trees, no power, horrible traffic. Fun. Water damage to the house... which thankfully is no longer for sale. We're still waiting for an insurance adjuster to come out and asses the damage. We're hoping they'll have someone they recommend to fix it all. We're estimating ~$30,000 worth of damage.

And, I started Provera, started my period, was cleared of any pre-med cysts and am now on CD 6. I have done 3 nights of 75iu of Gonal only to find that my estrogen today was 44. Oh yeah. Major growth happening there. Not. So I'm now on 150iu nightly. I just ordered $500 worth of meds. Yea! We got a free 450iu pen, which, it turns out is a huge blessing. I hope my body starts responding the way its supposed to to this medicine. Clomid didn't do much, but at least that was only $10. And the Clomid/injectible cycle was $500 less at the clinic. So yeah. Totally hoping the 150iu really works.

I guess that's about all there is. I'm trying to stay busy and not bored, and also trying not to spend money. Not fun.