Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, not too much to report here. I figured I would do a milestone check as I haven't done one in a while and now I have something fun to add (and be thankful for)!

How far along? 21 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I have no idea as I turned a blind eye to the scale last week. But the doctor didn't say anything, so I'm pretty sure I'm ok there.
Maternity clothes? In pants all the time - and am still trying to make some shirts work for me. The tall shirts I had previously seem to be making the cut ok... the others, not so much.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Off and on... I'll sleep a lot and nothing can wake me up some nights and some nights I wake up constantly and have a hard time falling asleep.
Best moment this week: Finding out the sexes and having both babies be healthy and good.
Movement: More so. I have been feeling more (in quantity) every day and have been feeling more (like in pressure and define-ness of movement)
Food cravings: Beef. And sweets. Pretty much all Food
. I either eat a large meal and am full for like 4-5 hours or I eat a normal amount and am hungry like 2-3 hours later. Yeah. Just give me a cheeseburger and I'm happy. Or a donut. Or, you know, pretty much anything. And writing that made me hungry again. But, I will say one thing: the burping of one meal and having my stomach growl for another is pretty weird.
Gender: One BOY and one GIRL!!! I am so happy about this. Exactly what I wanted. Makes the naming easier and makes me super happy since we won't be able to afford doing any other ART, which means a very small chance of having more babies, which, in all honesty, I'm perfectly fine with. Two is perfect for us. And having one of each makes it more perfect. And I super love knowing who is where and being able to think or say things like "She's really active right now" or "He's awake now". So cool. I can't wait for M to be able to feel them.
Labor Signs: Um, no. And it can stay that way, thankyouverymuch.
What I miss: Subway. Sandwiches... yum...
What I am looking forward to: More movement, M feeling the babies move and getting bigger. I know that last one sounds weird, but sometimes I feel like I shrink and lose my baby belly.

And, because I mentioned it before, this is the picture of me, at the baby shower a month ago. Three pregnant women, with me being the least far along (and on the right, in the brown). If I calculated correctly, I am 16w3d in this picture, the person next to me was 20-21 weeks and the shower honoree (in red) was 30ish weeks (and they are both pregnant with one). We're all facing straight on, so its kinda hard to actually see any bumps. I think I look... just... fat. And man, am I tall from my boobs up, because you sure as hell can't tell I'm taller than both these women in this picture! But as I get my more pictures taken of me, I'll be sure to post them. I think I have a camping one... or someone does.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Such! Exciting! Things!

So many great things! So much to share! I guess I should get right to it...

Great Thing Number One: I popped! My belly is large(ish)! I look pregnant! I think it kinda happened from last weekend to this week. My mom and sister saw me on Sunday and were like - oh wow, you look bigger and now I feel like I am bigger. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see more pregnant belly than 'oh she's fat'.

Great Thing Number Two: We sold our townhouse!!! We closed on Thursday and are officially renting the place out until closing on our new house, which will hopefully be early December. I've been packing and dealing with inspectors and contractors (for the new house, which, until we're closed, I won't talk about) and all sorts of stuff. Both moms have been in helping us pack, which has been a godsend. Generally I've been keeping pretty busy, but still trying to rest and not over-exert myself.

Great Thing Number Three: We had our anatomy scan and both babies look great! And we know the sexes... A boy and a girl!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier. We are both so excited. I measured to be 25-26 weeks (which I think is CRAZY - I feel like I just started showing) if carrying a singleton (I have to remember that my little sister, who is 10 weeks ahead of me pregnancy wise, with one, only started showing and looking pregnant at 26 weeks - she's tall, like me but slimmer and in the last couple of weeks started really growing. She's bigger than me (of course) but it took her a lot longer to get there).

Both babies are perfect, the boy (who is residing on the left side of my belly) is measuring 20w4d and looked to be 360 grams and the girl (on the right) is measuring 20w1d and looked to be 333 grams. So both ahead and doing wonderfully. I am kinda mad, though, because the technician did not give us baby-boy-bit pictures on the DVD we got to take home. Am pretty peeved, and have debated calling and asking for them. However, since it was an outside company who came in and did the scan... I don't know if I could get them. But I do know I am not happy.

Both future grandmas were there and were swapped out between babies (we lured them here with the promise of being at the scan and they helped pack too). My mom was there for the measuring of the boy, M's mom there for the girl. So they both got to see them moving and kicking around. I am feeling more movement now, although nothing crazy and only when I'm laying down or being still. I feel fine, although am kinda fighting an allergy sinus thing which hasn't been fun. And with knowing the sexes we feel pretty finalized on the names, which is nice, because us coming up with two boy names would've caused some MAJOR discussions.

I just kinda feel like as long as we three make it through this move and to Christmas, we'll all be good (right before Christmas is the V-day milestone). So that's what I'm aiming and hoping for, short term, because, of course, I want these babies in me for another 18-20 weeks. Smoothness for everything to be on track and to be ok. No big bumps (except mine) or bobbles and I'll be pretty happy. And relieved.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Survived

The camping trip is over. And I (and my marriage) survived. Just barely.

Not to be all drama-queen, but man did I not really anticipate the level of uncomfortableness I would feel. And this was in perfect (maybe a touch too warm) camping weather. I mean, every camping trip there is a level of uncomfortableness everyone feels. You're living outside for a couple of days. Not sleeping in your bed. With no walls, so sound travels amazingly well. With no showers. With bathrooms that are a small hike away. Sitting in chairs much less comfortable than your couch or office chair. Cooking on a dinky little stove. Staying up late and waking up early. And, if you drink, being hungover.Packing so much crap you can hardly believe you will use it all, just for a couple of days, and unloading and moving all that crap to your campsite, which is never right where you can park. And then repacking everything a day or two later. And the special joys of trying to get the tent back into the same bag it came in. So some uncomfortableness is expected. And you do it, because its an annual tradition. And you generally have fun. But, man, being pregnant added a whole other level to all this.

Friday we got there. After a four and a half hour car trip. So, I survived that. Then we* unloaded. I am a tent setting up genius, and so we got everything together. I wasn't too bad. We ate. We sat and we hung out. Fun times. Until bed time. You see, every other camping trip has involved alcohol. And I've never had too much of a problem going to sleep. Until this trip (and I even packed earplugs, just in case... they did not work). Thanks to the washer-game-playing campsite neighbors (some game I've never heard of, but can tell you it involves pitching metal things at a loud receptacle) who played said game until about 2am... yeah. It was ugly. Because I still couldn't sleep after that. I got like two hours of sleep.

So the next day, I got up, ate and tried to hang... until I crashed around noon. Which is the precise time those game playing assholes decided to play again. So, I read my book and waited them out. With a raging headache. And this is where it gets ugly, especially for the hubs. Because I finally fell asleep. For maybe a half hour. And that's when I got woken up and realized that my husband had started playing a game not ten feet from our tent. With a group of people. And, yes, he tried to keep them all quiet. I heard him shh-ing people. But that was it for me. I laid awake, fuming, crying, etc until they stopped playing. (Of course, all this awake time is peppered with numerous trips to the bathroom since you can't pee outside in the daytime.) And then I found my husband and let loose on his ass. And we almost went home. He apologized. We were going home. And then we waited so I could calm down, eat and take medicine I was avoiding taking (but obviously needed, as I realized my allergies were getting in on the act and my tired headache had turned into a full blown sinus headache). So I ate. And calmed down. And felt better. And hung out. And decided to stay. And actually slept that night (as much as one can sleep while camping... I'm sorry, but I need absolute quiet and darkness to sleep most of the time and camping without alcohol... I just couldn't fully sleep). And then made breakfast and packed up and headed home, to a sweet shower and my bed.

My feet still don't feel like they have recovered from all the swelling. My back still aches from the car ride and the camping chairs that get old... and uncomfortable... quickly. And I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. Because man, oh man... do I need it. I am still very, very tired. And plan on being a complete bum all day, despite the moms coming over tomorrow. But I survived.

And tomorrow we go to the doctor. I'm trying not to get all crazy-worried about it. I'm trying not to freak out. I'm trying not to be anxious and nervous and everything else I usually am before a scan. And I'm trying to not imagine the worst case scenario with both moms right there in the room. It's a tall order for me. I'm trying, instead to concentrate on the fact that I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow! And that I can't believe I'm halfway (more than halfway) there. And that I'm still good. And that we get to know the sexes tomorrow. And that we get to have new pictures of babies. Finally. (It's been like two months man...) I need to chill-ax about all this and go watch all the shows that I have Tivoed and not think.

*We. Yeah. All the loading and unloading and packing all that crap into my tiny little car, and carrying coolers to and from the car and etc... that was totally the hubs and not me. I saw we because I watched him do it (*ahem* and offered wonderful suggestions) and carried pillows and other... light things. So. Yeah. Way to go hubs.

And, also, to LCB; we should totally do a get together. I'd love to meet people from around here in real life.

Monday, November 9, 2009

18w5d - almost 19w, which is almost 20w! The halfway point!

Slacker is me. I knows it. So there isn't much really happening right now. I think I'm feeling movement, but its pretty sporadic. My not wanting candy phase is officially OVER and I'm sure my doctor will not be happy at my next appointment (9 days!) at the sudden weight gain (mint m&ms are out!). I invited both M's mom and my mom to the appointment, since it will be the anatomy scan that *should* reveal the sexes... I am hungry a lot though and sleeping is still off and on. I think it's directly related to the amount of stress and anxiety I feel, which, really, is no surprise (see below).

We go camping this weekend; M is taking Thursday, Friday and Monday off, so, hopefully, I won't have to do a whole lot to get us ready and then unpacked. I am noticing that my feet and fingers swell now and standing up for more than an hour at a time really puts the strain on my feet and back. I don't think I look too big right now, but M says he thinks I definitely look pregnant. I stick out my belly as much as possible when standing in line at the post office, but no one's made a comment. (Gawd, how weirdo am I?) I am working on getting a picture - I had one taken at a baby shower I went to a couple of weekends ago, but I haven't received the photo yet. I guess I should just bite the bullet and take one of myself in the mirror. I'm such a lazy lame ass.

In other news, things may be happening in the housing department, but because I am ridiculous, I will leave it at that. And say that I am very busy at home now. And very excited. And very stressed. So, when things are more final, I will be sure to share, but right now, I prefer not to jinx things.