Friday, January 23, 2009


So I am just finishing my period. Which started exactly one month from the D&C. Which was weird. And we got test results back. The karotyping was normal for both of us. I have to go back in so they can retest for the protein c and s - one was elevated and the other was not able to be run in the lab due to the lab fucking the sample up. Whatever. However, I am positive for the MTHFR gene mutation. After a little bit of research, and another phone call to the clinic and even more research, I now know that I have the heterozygous for A1298C mutation. Which is the least serious form of the mutation possible. All I have to do is take 5 times the normal amount of folic acid to make sure I am getting the right amount. As for the the protein c... well I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. It's a clotting factor, so I hope that the only thing I'd have to do to fix it is take some baby aspirin, if needed. To be honest, I'm tempted to take the baby aspirin anyway, as I don't see as to how it could hurt anything.

In other news, the contractors are here! And they're fixing the house! And it looks good! And it will be done by the end of the week! Whoo-hoo!

And I have a test on Friday - the Generalist 4-8 Texes test that I have to pass if I want to teach grades 4 through 8. Or, 5 through 8 really, because I passed the EC-4 test... but semantics. So I'm supposed to be studying this week for the test on Friday. And I really haven't studied all that much. But I plan on it. I was never much of a good student.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008; You Mother Fucking Whore. I HATE You

And hello there 2009! How are you doing? Feeling nice and generous? Anything you need, you just let me know. I am HERE for YOU.

So, let's see... 2008 ended with a nice bout of complete and total suckiness. I ended up needing the D&C - yay surgery! I forgot that anesthesia makes me hurl so there was that. (So noted, not to be forgotten again.) But, the bleeding was non existent by that Sunday, thus ending the pad wearing days I had grown accustomed to after 6 weeks of it. The surgery was exactly one week before Christmas.

We went to the clinic Monday to get blood work and after waiting an hour, we were finally able to do that. It makes me laugh when they don't know why you're there. I mean, just look in my chart, people! Dr. M said she wrote a note about how we were coming in for blood work for karyotyping today. No, I'm not having any problems and please PLEASE do not do a scan. I have a feeling my bits are still a bit sensitive. I also hated when Dr. M couldn't do my D&C and Dr. C had to. I don't like him as much and Marc says I act differently around him. He's the one who tried to push us into IVF after the first cycle was cancelled. Pfft. Yeah. We showed him. Anyway, so all my follow ups were with him. So they took the blood. Now the wait for the testing.

I took a pregnancy test after the blood work and appointment, just to see how my HCG levels were. It was negative! I couldn't believe it. (Continued story after the inescapable Xmas recap)

For Christmas, we hosted Chili and Shrimp party and had a lot of fun with my siblings and family. Amy and Ponch were sick, so they didn't stay long. We went over to Aunt Laura's Christmas day and the drove to SA with Cody in tow. We had fun and I think Cody and Matt got along well. We saw Amanda and Chris and found out that they lost their baby as well. Cody and I got sick from allergies to cedar which was pretty brutal. We went back home Sunday.

(ahem) So I was hoping for good things went I went in Dec. 31. And the nicest thing happened (I think it was 2009's influence on the bitch who knew she was going down, 2008). My scan showed a normal uterine lining (shocking!). I had a follicle on my right ovary that was measuring 10.3mm and my uterus was empty!!! And, they did more blood work for the rest of the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) panel, and tested to see what my HCG levels were. See, they couldn't send off the blood work for the RPL panel if the HCG level was positive. So I was hoping that they were 0. And... they were 1.5, which they counted as negative, which means all the blood they took (seriously, like 9 vials) can be sent off and the testing can start. And, that means I'm no longer officially, technically pregnant!!! Dr. C said that waiting for your levels can drop can be like a 6 week process, especially when they're high, like mine (hello - 8,234). So now we wait for test results, which I'm already nervous about, but at least will hopefully (??? should I 'hope' something is wrong without feeling horribly guilty like I want something to have killed our babies?) explain why our babies have not survived. Or not. And I'm just the most unlucky bitch ever. I guess I should say we. But you know. My body. I think I can claim majority of unluckiness.

Needless to say, that was the best thing that had happened in this whole mother fucking mess. And, like I said, I think it was 2009's influence. Rock on with your bad ass self, 2009. I loves you already.

We spent NYE over at Alexifer's playing Halo. It was fun and low key. I wasn't really into celebrating the end of 08, so it seemed an apropos way to end it. Now we just wait for test results. And live life as best we can without trying to get pregnant. I start my classes on the 8th and I'm hoping that will be a good distraction. I also am applying to substitute teach so I can get some experience before actually trying to get a teaching job. We'll see how that goes. :) Its nice to have something distracting to look forward to. And, we have people scheduled to come and fix our house! Whoopee! Which means it'll be back on the market in no time. And this time, we aren't playing around. We're cutting the price and just getting rid of this bitch. And buying a house. A beautiful house. Scary, with me not having a job, but it'll work out because...

I'll get a job. Also, scary, but imperative.

So here's a big fuck off to you 2008. Fuck you for the miscarriage in July, the layoff in August, our house not selling all goddamn summer, Marc's grandparents dying, the hurricane causing damage to our house in September, the second non-viable pregnancy, with following fun ending with a D&C...

And hello, you beautiful thing you. Hello 2009.