Monday, March 10, 2008

Da Flippity Floppity Floop

Please excuse the above title as I was watching South Park this weekend and I now know how to say house, courtesy of Chef.

Mr. Garrison: Chef, what did you do when white people stole your culture?
Chef: Oh. Well, we black people just always tried to stay out in front of them.
Mr. Slave: [straightens up] How did you do that?
Chef: Well, like with our slang. Black people always used to say, "I'm in the house" instead of "I'm here." But then white people all started to say "in the house" so we switched it to "in the hizzouse." Hizzouse became hizzizzouse, and then white folk started saying that, and we had to change it to hizzie, then "in the hizzle" which we had to change to "hizzle fo shizzle," and now, because white people say "hizzle fo shizzle," we have to say "flippity floppity floop."

Ah... love me some South Park.

So, this weekend, what a crazy weekend it was. Movers! They came (15 minutes late, with no pre-phone call, but whatever...). They Moved! We paid them! We had so much stuff. we were originally going to share the 10x15 space my SIL and her boyfriend have, but after the truck was loaded and we saw how much there actually was, we realized that we would have to get our own space. So, we got a 10x10. And filled it up. (And, I have to note, that I totally called it - I knew there was no way we were going to get all of our shit into their storage space.) I wish I had a picture, because it was a sight to behold. And that is where all was forgiven with the late, somewhat laid back, very quiet (read: not personable, barely friendly) movers. They sure know how to pack a space.

As somewhat of a side note, we used a company called Student Movers. STUDENT Movers. I expected to have a couple of nice, college aged men move our shit. We got one younger looking dude and one old guy. He was like 60 or something. Seriously. I felt bad about all the heavy boxes of books I have and I felt extremely lazy watching an old guy move our shit.

So we got in the storage unit and back home where we made it as pretty as we possibly could. Amy took pictures and we have a MLS number and our house is listed, and our pictures are up and it all looks fabulous! So, SO impressed at how quickly this has all come about. Amy did a fabulous job getting the house listed and with the picture taking and whatnot. If anyone is looking for a townhouse, we've got one for sale!

This morning it was pretty easy to leave the house as it was, all perfect and show ready, after all the picture taking, but it will definitely be a test of our determination and discipline to keep the house looking show ready. This weekend was the first time I actually felt like, ok - we're really doing this! Marc said he's had that feeling for a while now. It felt much more real to me with half our furniture gone (although by looking at the pictures, it doesn't look super empty). So bring on the buyers!!

As a note about the other thing (the baby making thing) and also as an overshare: I have not started my period yet. This is cycle day 37 for me (thirty-seven). I POAS yesterday and it was negative. I could have called in for a prescription then, but with everything going on, I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait another day.

Also, day light savings? You are a mother-fucking bitch. I hate thee so.

You are the corporate conspiracy driven by electric/power companies to make us pay more (I know it only comes out to 1-3% more energy usage, but to a large company, much less industry, it's a lot of $$). You steal an hour of my precious time and make my sleep schedule all wonky for a week or so. Damn you. We do not need sunlight at 9pm! Reee-dick-u-lous-ness. You have most people fooled. Not me. I say we need to get rid of Daylight Savings. I will vote for whomever* runs on that platform! Begone, the antiquated practice of screwing people!

*not Jeb Bush or anyone related to the Bushes or any Bush fans (hereby known as Bushies)

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