Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Super Slacker

Wow. So the last time I wrote a blog post... May... man do I know how to completely ignore and put something off.

Let's see, reading from the last post, the twins were about to get vaccinated. They did, and they did fine. They were very cranky immediately afterwards, but slept a lot that day and the next. They had a knot in their legs from one of the shots that just went away.
And my boob! Well, it had to get drained. It was very painful, since it was infected. More antibiotics finally cleared it up and Lecithin has kept recurring clogged ducts at bay (knock on wood). So, I'm still pumping and the babies are still exclusively eating breast milk - yay! This has also helped me drop close to fifteen pre-pregnancy pounds - wahoo! Getting close to pre-IF drugs weight! I'm just excited that a whole portion of my wardrobe has opened up, clothes that I had stopped wearing due to uncomfortableness from being so fat.

M has gotten the snip. Mwah-hahahah... I'm so glad he did that so I don't have to worry about getting pregnant again, and don't have to take any hormones. I think my body has had enough. I know it was hard on him, but I'm so glad he did it.
The babies are three and a half months old now. It's awesome because they smile all the time and are much more vocal. The next pediatrician appointment is at the end of July - they'll get more vaccines and hopefully a clean bill of health. We don't plan on starting solids until closer to six months, and will see what our Dr says about that - my mom was surprised to hear that its recommended that you wait until babies are six months. She has been advising my sister, who started her baby at four months... it's amazing to me that people don't do their own research. I know we all turned out "fine" but I don't see the need to rush it.
And now for some pics! The first is Miss Zee looking adorable, the second is Mr. H looking dashing and handsome in his post bath robe, and the last are them looking, to me, like the American Gothic painting. I like the pic a lot.

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